Meridian is currently capturing the spirit of the live punk scene in Western Australia, the raw energy, spirit, and sense of community. It explores the essence of the subculture through audio and visual forms, and transforms into painting and sculptural forms, through to the unique digital form of gaussian splatting. The visual anthropological approach delves into the punk community’s values, beliefs, and how they manifest in the music and lifestyle.

The project documents the intensity of live punk performances, the vibrant subversive fashion, and the passion of both musicians and fans. Meridian aims to dissect the intricate web of human interactions, experiences, and emotions, showcasing how music and visuals can be the threads binding these diverse pathways together.

A variety of mediums used, paint, textile, clay, and digital.

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We acknowledge the traditional owners, the Wardarndi people, of the Noongar boodjar that we live and work on, Goomburrup //Bunbury, Western Australia